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*.*.*.*.*.*.*.Your Award Results .*.*.*.*.*.*.*

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:07:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: awards@goldenwebawards.com
To: jmt_sociologue@videotron.ca

Subject: *.*.*.*.*.*.*. Your Award Results .*.*.*.*.*.*.*
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:07:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: awards@goldenwebawards.com
To: jmt_sociologue@videotron.ca

So, Les Classiques des sciences sociales WON THE GOLDEN WEB AWARD


March 2002 Award Ceremonies, Events, Judging, Award Tiles and More...

You are proud of your work, and you should be! Your hard work has won you the most popular and sought after award available. Due to our large International appeal, we often receive numerous questions from many of our winners like you, about the award. This e-mail is being sent out to this elite group of award winners, to answer questions about; Ceremonies, Award Events, where to get New Award Tiles, Future Award Submissions, Who are the Judges, Becoming a Judge, Requirements to Win, What is won, Press Releases, What to tell the Press and What's next...


Award Ceremonies:

The next Golden Web Awards Ceremony, was slated to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2002. However, due to the recent tragedies, the event will be temporarily delayed until safety and public opinion are favorable for travelling. The future event, of which all award winners be notified, will include Special Awards, Features And other Member Presentations.

Award Tiles

Showing the world you won the award has never been easier. You are invited to pickup you're Award at the following locations:

1998 Awards - http://www.goldenwebawards.com/awardcode1998.shtml
1999 Awards - http://www.goldenwebawards.com/awardcode1999.shtml
2000 Awards - http://www.goldenwebawards.com/awardcode2000.shtml
2001 Awards - http://www.goldenwebawards.com/awardcode2001.shtml

Who are the Judges:

All Golden Web Awards are provided through the International Association of Webmaster and Designer's. The Judges consist of our V.V.C. (Voluntary Voting Committee). This voting committee was designed to be comprised of I.A.W.M.D. members who volunteer their time to visit and score, the
websites Submitted for the award.

Requirements to Win:

The websites submitted are judged and scored in three primary categories:
Design, Content and Originality. Each category may receive a score of between 1 to 10. Up to three V.V.C. members may score a particular website. The scores from each V.V.C. member are totaled (30 being a perfect score).
These scores are than added together and averaged for a final score.
Note: Although we are not yet setup to record and provide individual scoring, winning the award requires a total score of between 24 to 30.

Becoming a Judge:

All professional members of the association are eligible to sign up for the Voluntary Voting Committee. Interested members may do so by visiting: http://www.iawmd.com/members/voting.shtml. Please have your membership number on hand, as it will be required to submit your request.

Benefits of Winning:

The benefits of winning are simple. Only the best sites are voted to receive the Golden Web Award. The criterion for winning remains a challenge to even the best Webmaster, artists and designers. That being said, the primary benefit of the Golden Web Award is the recognition of your commitment to the pursuit of website excellence. Further, it represents that your work is considered an outstanding website, incorporating high standards of design, originality and content. Most importantly, the Golden Web Award lets others know you're viewed as a respected professional by your peers, one who is deserving of recognition.

Who's Who Recognition:

All Golden Web Award winners, who chose to be listed in the associations Who's Who on the Web Directory, will have their award achievement displayed on their listing. Listing in the Who's Who is Free by visiting: http://www.whoswhoontheweb.com.
Listings requested by I.A.W.M.D., will automatically be up-graded to a preferred listing status at no-charge. This preferred listing will also feature their membership status in the association.

Public Relations and the Press:

Many of the Golden Web Award winners, often call us regarding what information they can use and/or provide the press. The answer: all of it! We are more than happy to have you use any of the information we have provided you in whole or in part for your personal posting, public relations needs and/or press release distribution.

What's Next:

The Association has just launched our new Platinum Web Awards. This new award ( http://www.platinumwebawards.com ) is the highest level of excellence and thereby only recognizes and/or awards superior web design and content. Companies and individuals applying for the Platinum Web
Award, will be required to have already won the Golden Web Award and/or a minimum of two (2) other awards, recognized by the association. Unlike the Golden Web Award, there is an entry fee (substantially discounted for I.A.W.M.D. members), judging and evaluation is done exclusively by association directors.

Due to the intense review process applied to all Platinum Web Award applications, applicants must allow 2-4 weeks for results.

As a winner of the 2000 - 2001 Golden Web Award,
we would like to extend you the following

*.*.*.*.*.*.* Your Special Membership Invitation *.*.*.*.*.*.*


What is it that makes your company any different?

Become a respected member of the Internet's leading Association of IT and Web Professionals. The I.A.W.M.D. Now Serving its Members in over 130 Countries Worldwide


In addition to the worldwide recognition, respect and prestige associated with being a member of the I.A.W.M.D. as a Professional Member, YOU WILL RECEIVE:

-- Official I.A.W.M.D. membership card and ID number, providing special access to numerous free and discounted products and services worldwide.

-- Personalized Membership Certificate (suitable for framing).
-- I.A.W.M.D. Membership Insignia/shield for your website.
-- Variety of Internet products and services discounts.
-- FREE Advertising and promotional opportunities
-- Special member pricing on the latest select Software.
-- A Preferred listing in "Who's Who on the Web"
-- Discounts in the associations "Awards Store"
-- Subscription to the IAWMD online newsletter.
-- Extensive web master and designers resources.
-- Unlimited Free Classified Ads - "promote your business"
-- Special Member discounts on high quality computer .
-- Components, peripherals and accessories.
-- Free Member E-Mail - yourname@iawmd.com.
-- A multiple of "approved" member selected value added programs from which to make money.
-- V.V.C. voting committee and other membership
-- Involvement and related opportunities
-- A one year fully paid subscription to Maximum PC Magazine.
-- delivered direct from the publisher to your business, home
-- A one time, 50% Sign-up Bonus, when you open a Pay-Per-Click traffic account at IQSeek.com search engine.
-- or office. The magazine alone is over a $95.00 face value.

-- FREE Hosting services with up to 40 megs of web-space and as much bandwidth as you need!

I.A.W.M.D. sponsors and affiliates include some of the worlds largest and most respected companies, including: GE, Microsoft, Hertz, K-Mart, Amoco, TTI, Budget, FTD, Alamo, AOL, BigBallot, NBCi, American Greetings and a multiple of other name brand companies, as well as health care and other service providers.


Still not sure…

Want to know more?
Please Read on...

First, about our Name:

Originally intended exclusivley for Web Masters and Designers, the growth of the Internet has created many new and related career opportunities. The I.A.W.M.D. has opened it's doors to all of the professionals in these areas as well.

Today, the I.A.W.M.D. membership consists of Professional:

Network Administers
Graphic Artists
Software Consultants
Sales Persons
System Administers
and many other Internet related professionals world wide, providing direct access and benefits, encompassing both their personal and professional needs.

As an association, the I.A.W.M.D. provides a common ground from which the members may begin to establish a professional, recognized level of credibility. Further, seasoned Internet professionals find that aside from the discounts and opportunities, the association dramatically heightens their business profile.
Again, this is a special invitation and will expire. You may take advantage of this special opportunity today by applying at:


We consider it both an honor and privilege to welcome you to the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

The IAWMD is the proud sponsor of the:

*.*.*.*.*.*.* 1997 - 1998 Golden Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*
*.*.*.*.*.*.* 1998 - 1999 Golden Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*
*.*.*.*.*.*.* 1999 - 2000 Golden Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*
*.*.*.*.*.*.* 2000 - 2001 Golden Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*
*.*.*.*.*.*.* 2001 - 2002 Golden Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*


*.*.*.*.*.*.* 2001 - 2002 Platinum Web Award *.*.*.*.*.*.*


*.*.*.*.*.*.* I.A.W.M.D. Scholarship Program *.*.*.*.*.*.*


If you are reading this, your website is obviously very well done
How Many People Ever Get to See it???


IQSeek.com was voted "Best Way To Search the Web" 2 years in a row!
Currently serving FIVE MILLION USERS world wide!

As an Awards winner, you can buy keywords on IQSeek.com and receive
targeted traffic for ONLY HALF- A-CENT!!!!! This offer expires 08/15/01.

Visit: http://www.iqseek.com/iawmd_promotions.shtml

Removal Information:

The IAWMD is a professional association and under no circumstances do we ever send out unsolicited e-mail. Any person receiving this e-mail, is doing so because they have previously registered on our search engine, IQSeek.com, where it is clearly marked with regard to our policies.

The IAWMD does Not send e-mail offers on a regular basis, nor do we ever rent or sell lists. However, if you still wish to be removed, for any reason what-so-ever, we do respect you privacy. Please reply to this
e-mail with the subject "Remove." Upon our receipt of the same, you will be immediately removed from all of our directories, search engines anddatabases.
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